Background info and references associated with the Forest Academy 2022 programme and themes

Spruce seedlings. Photo: Krista KimmoSpruce seedlings. Photo: Krista Kimmo

Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers, June 27-29, 2022

For further reading, we suggest looking into the following background info and references associated with the Forest Academy programme and themes.

Forest Resources in Europe

Multipurpose forestry

Climate change mitigation and forests

  • Forest Europe, 2020. Adaptation to Climate Change in Sustainable Forest Management in Europe.

Forest biodiversity and closer to forest management

New wood-based products

  • Uusi puu – The New Wood Project: The project aims to increase awareness of the wood-based bioeconomy, highlighting new and existing products and solutions, exploring their impact on society and evaluating the growth potential of the sector. Website:

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