Helsinki’s Central Park is really central forest

Helsinki’s Central Park is such a happy combination of recreational and nature values that it is enjoyed by joggers, bikers […]

Publisher considers the sensory attributes of paper

The person choosing a printing paper thinks of how the paper could enhance the magazine’s brand. Paper makers want to […]

”Continuous-cover silviculture suits self-reliant forest owner”

Heikki Kaitila carries on the continuous-cover silviculture started in the family forest by his father. He thinks the method rewards […]

Lightness of sparse forest is sought on forest pastures

An old cultural landscape had been reclaimed by forest. Well thought-out fellings and grazing help bring back the openness and […]

”Unilateral EU decision won’t save the climate”

The costs of Finnish forest industries threaten to increase by an amount equivalent to 16-37 percent of their annual payroll, […]

PEFC is tool number one in forest biodiversity conservation in Finland

Revision of the standard on the PEFC forest certification system in Finland is an option for PEFC itself, as well […]

ABC book with forest attitudes that puzzle forest folk

You can get a really negative idea about felling trees from a Finnish ABC book called Pikkumetsän aapinen. That is […]