Forest industry

Forest industries make goods from wood.

Forest industries are the branch of industry which manufactures goods from the timber grown in the forests. Forest industries are divided into the pulp and paper industries and the wood products industry.

The pulp and paper industries are also called chemical forest industry, and the wood products industry is called mechanical forest industry. In some central European countries forest industries includ also publishing activities, in Finland only in exceptional cases.

The pulp and paper industries includes the production of chemical and mechanical pulp and their further processing into paper and paperboard. he wood products industry includes the production of sawn goods, plywood and other timber boards and their further processing into windows, construction components and furniture, for example.

Sawmills also produce wood chips and sawdust as by-products. Wood chips are used to make pulp, and sawdust is used in the manufacturing of particleboards. Both are also used to generate energy.

Without forest industry there would be no forestry and vice versa

Chemical and mechanical forest industries are strongly connected: mechanical industry uses those parts of a log which are best suited to sawn timber and chemical industry those best suited to paper making. Selling the wood chips generated by sawming timber are sold to pulp mills, this form an important part of the profitability of sawmilling and raw material procurement for mills. The saying is that an average Finnish sawmill coverse its wage costs from selling woodchips.

At the sanme time this phenomenon called as integrated forest industries quarantees that all felled timber is efficiently used. Bark is used, too; it is turned into energy.

Forest industries are strongly connected to forestry: with out forest industry bying timber there would be no forestry, without forestry producing its main raw material there would be no forest industry. Therefore these two lines of business are treated jointly as one and coherent forest sector.

Updated on the 7th of January, 2016.

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