Forest-based energy

Links to all graphs concerning forest-based energy have been collected to this page. You can upload the graph as a pdf by clicking the picture left of  the title.

Added files


    Use of forest chips and its raw materials 2000−2015

    Updated 19.04.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_037_Solid_Wood_Fuel_Consumption_in_Heating_and_Power_Plants_in_2015

    Solid wood fuel consumption in heating and power plants in 2015

    Updated 21.04.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_038_Mill_Fuels_of_the_Forest_Industries_in_Finland_1992_2015

    Mill fuels of the forest industries in Finland, 1992–2015

    Updated 21.04.2017.
  • Timber utilisation

    Timber utilisation

    Updated 01.01.2015.
  • ff_Graph_2017_040_Share_of_Renewable_Energy_Sources_of_the_Total_Energy_Use_in_Some_EU_Countries

    Share of renewable energy sources of the total energy use in some EU countries 1990–2014

    Updated 03.08.2016.
  • ff_Graph_2017_041_Impact_on_the_Energy_of_the_Atmosphere_of_Some_Fuels

    Impact on the energy of the atmosphere of some fuels

    Updated 1.1.2017.