Forest industry

Links to all graphs concerning forest industry have been collected to this page. You can upload the graph as a pdf by clicking the picture left of the title.

Added files

  • ff_graph_Roundwood_consumption_by_branch_of_industry_in_Finland_2017_66

    Roundwood consumption by branch of industry in Finland in 2014

    Updated 28.03.2017
  • ff_graafi_2017_067_Havusahatavaran_kulutus_henkea_kohden_1994_2015

    Apparent consumption of sawn softwood timber per capita 1994–2015

    Updated 21.04.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_25_Commercial_Fellings_in_Finland_2015

    Commercial fellings in 2015

    Updated 21.04.2015.
  • ff_Graph_2017_069_Import_of_Roundwood_and_Wood_Residues_in_1970_2016

    Wood import in 1970–2016

    Updated 11.10.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_070_Roundwood_Imports_by_Assortment_1965_2016

    Roundwood imports by assortment 1965−2016

    Updated 11.10.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_003_Annual_Timber_Flow_in_Finland

    Annual timber flow in Finland, million m³

    Updated 24.04.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_065_Recovery_of_Recycled_Paper_and_Paperboard_in_1985_2015

    Recovery of recycled paper and paperboard in 1985–2015

    Updated 30.03.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_073_Volume_of_Long_Distance_Transport_of_Roundwood_in_1980_2016

    Volume of long-distance transport of roundwood in 1980–2016

    Updated 12.04.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_074_Exports_of_Goods_from_Finland_by_Sector_in_2016

    Exports of goods from Finland by sector in 2016

    Updated 11.10.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_075_Forest_Industry_Production_and_Exports_in_2016

    Forest industry production and exports in 2016

    Updated 11.10.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_076_Value_of_Forest_Industry_Exports_by_Destination_in_2016

    Value of forest industry exports by destination in 2016

    Updated 11.10.2017.
  • ff_graafi_eng_Suomen_ja_Euroopan_unionin_osuus_maailman_2015

    The share of Finland and the European Union of the world's...

    Updated 05.08.2016.
  • ff_Graph_2017_038_Mill_Fuels_of_the_Forest_Industries_in_Finland_1992_2015

    Mill fuels of the forest industries in Finland, 1992–2015

    Updated 21.4.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_040_Share_of_Renewable_Energy_Sources_of_the_Total_Energy_Use_in_Some_EU_Countries

    Share of renewable energy sources (%) of the total energy use in some EU countries

    Updated 04.08.2016.
  • ff_Graph_2017_043_Decrease_in_Finnish_Forest_Industries_emissions_and_Process_Water_Use_1992_2016

    Reduces in Finnish forestindustries’ emissions and process water use

    Updated 11.10.2017.
  • Product group’s share of the value of forest industry production in 2008‒11

    Product group’s share of the value of forest industry production

    Updated 01.01.2013.