Forest ownership

Links to all graphs concerning forest ownership have been collected to this page. You can upload the graph as a pdf by clicking the picture left of  the title.

Added files

  • ff_Graph_2017_019_Forest_Ownership_in_Finland

    Forest ownership in Finland

    Updated 01.07.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_015_Finnish_Forest_Owners_Occupational_Status_and_Domicile

    Finnish forest owners' occupational status and domicile

    The latest data is from 2009.
  • ff_Graph_2017_017_Finnish_Forest_Owners_Age_and_Sex

    Finnish forest owners' age and sex

    The latest data is from 2009.
  • ff_graafi_2017_020_Share_of_Family_Forests_of_Forest_Land_and_Fellings

    Share of family forests of forest land and fellings

    Updated 01.07.2016.
  • ff_Graph_2017_021_Log_Timber_Fellings_in_Family_Forests_1991_2015

    Log timber fellings is family forests 1991–2015

    Updated 01.07.2017.