Forestry and silviculture

Links to all graphs concerning forestry and silviculture have been collected to this page. You can upload the graph as a pdf by clicking the picture left of the title.

Added files

  • ff_Graph_2017_23_Volumes_of_Various_Forest_Management_and_IMprovement_Measures_in_1970_2015

    Volumes of various forest management and improvement measures in 1970–2015

    Updated 11.10.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_096_Felling_Areas_in_Finland_1996_2014

    Felling areas in Finland 1996–2014

    Graph updated 18.10.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_25_Commercial_Fellings_in_Finland_2015

    Commercial fellings in Finland 2015

    Updated 21.04.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_26_Felling_and_Regeneration_Methods

    Felling and regeneration methods

    Updated 01.04.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_27_Preservation_of_Typical_Characteristics_of_Valuable_Habitat_During_Fellings_in_2000_2016

    Preservation of typical characteristics of valuable habitats during fellings in 2000–2016

    Updated 18.04.2017.
  • ff_Graph_2017_028_Human_Caused_Water_Load_in_Finland_2016

    The distribution of human-caused water load in 2016 in Finland

    Updated 11.10.2017.
  • Timber utilisation

    Timber utilisation

    Updated 01.07.2016.
  • The amount of dead usable wood per hectare

    The amount of dead usable wood per hectare

    Updated 01.01.2011.
  • ff_Graph_2017_021_Log_Timber_Fellings_in_Family_Forests_1991_2015

    Log timber fellings is family forests 1991-2015

    Updated 01.07.2017.