Forest use helps to mitigate climate change – exactly how depends on circumstances

Canadian forest researcher Werner Kurz says that decreasing fossil emissions is essential in climate change mitigation, also as regards carbon […]

State forests generate more and more revenue – yet logging volumes have remained below plan

The income of the Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus has increased so much that its profit target for this year […]

Share of endangered species of forest species remains the same – tens of species have benefited from forest nature management

Forest nature management efforts have not been in vain, as is shown by a fresh assessment of endangered species in […]

Finland’s national forest strategy highlights climate-sustainable forestry – EU plans yet another set of criteria for sustainable forestry

The brand-new update of Finland’s national forest strategy up to 2025 introduces new goals, including climate-sustainable forestry; new, wood-based products […]

Clearcutting sites have grown slightly in Finland – snow damage increased use of continuous-cover felling

The average size of regeneration felling sites in family-owned forests in southern Finland is only 1.3 hectares. The figure has […]

Point of view: Finnish political parties play climate bingo with years – party programmes contain unexpected standpoints on forestry issues

In their programmes, Finnish political parties take a positive stand on promoting forest bioeconomy. Political debate may bring clarity to […]

Wood is an increasingly common solution to the problems with plastics – forest industry also focused on design in 2018 asked the three biggest Finnish forest industry companies what the year 2018 brought along. The common denominators of last […]

Girls in forest sector want to be allowed to be themselves – the sector is among the most male-dominated in Finland

The forest sector in Finland is facing the severest shortage of labour ever. The sector must be made more attractive […]

Point of view: From stovepipes to sustainability

To reach sustainability, we should consider what kind of world we actually want. Policies that are designed to control progress […]

Work to decrease threats towards forest habitat types is well-established – but needs to be intensified

Three quarters of the forest habitat types in Finland have been classified as endangered. The main cause of this is […]

For Finns, a cultivated spruce is the most beautiful Christmas tree – in the US, 80 percent of Christmas trees are made of plastics

In addition to traditions and beauty, environmental values play an increasingly prominent role when choosing the Christmas tree. As regards […]

Harvesters may explode the volume of data from forests

New technology and big data open up new opportunities for forest harvesting entrepreneurs, allowing them to provide services for a […]

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