Inoculation helps threatened species – polypores are saved by enough decaying wood in forest

Decaying wood is important for endangered species. The amount of decaying wood in Finnish forest is increasing, but this does […]

New harvesting guideline for when birds are nesting – damage is sad but calculated to be just a thousandth of all nests

Birds’ nests can be effectively protected from damage caused by logging by carrying out harvesting operations in less lush forests […]

Local authorities lead the field in wood construction – chiefly because of indoor air problems

Promoting wood construction is included in the strategies of more than half of Finnish local authorities. Yet they only appear […]

Decaying wood in Finnish forests increases rapidly – biodiversity and harvesting can be harmonized

The amount of decaying wood in Finnish forests is able to increase to 20 cubic metres per hectare by 2065, […]

Five applications that use open forest data – over three million downloads of geographic forest data maps within a year

The Finnish open forest data system, launched in March 2018, has become enormously popular. Anyone can view data on forest […]

Lowering harvesting limits would be a signal and a shock for forest industry: do not invest

If Finland decided to lower the harvesting levels allowed, the forest industry would draw certain conclusions, says Professor Petri Parvinen. […]

Forest use helps to mitigate climate change – exactly how depends on circumstances

Canadian forest researcher Werner Kurz says that decreasing fossil emissions is essential in climate change mitigation, also as regards carbon […]

State forests generate more and more revenue – yet logging volumes have remained below plan

The income of the Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus has increased so much that its profit target for this year […]

Share of endangered species of forest species remains the same – tens of species have benefited from forest nature management

Forest nature management efforts have not been in vain, as is shown by a fresh assessment of endangered species in […]

Finland’s national forest strategy highlights climate-sustainable forestry – EU plans yet another set of criteria for sustainable forestry

The brand-new update of Finland’s national forest strategy up to 2025 introduces new goals, including climate-sustainable forestry; new, wood-based products […]

Clearcutting sites have grown slightly in Finland – snow damage increased use of continuous-cover felling

The average size of regeneration felling sites in family-owned forests in southern Finland is only 1.3 hectares. The figure has […]

Point of view: Finnish political parties play climate bingo with years – party programmes contain unexpected standpoints on forestry issues

In their programmes, Finnish political parties take a positive stand on promoting forest bioeconomy. Political debate may bring clarity to […]

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