It’s not the speed, but the volume: timber transport on rails

Tourists arriving at the railway station in Kolari in Finnish Lapland may wonder if the railway is profitable. Maybe they […]

”Unilateral EU decision won’t save the climate”

The costs of Finnish forest industries threaten to increase by an amount equivalent to 16-37 percent of their annual payroll, […]

Use of shale gas creates more space for lignin

Petrochemical industry replaces crude oil with oil shale condensate. This means that production of aromatic hydrocarbons decreases, which creates demand […]

Quality of spruce from uneven-aged forests varies greatly

The quality of raw wood from uneven-aged spruce varies a great deal. The assumption has been that it would be […]

The Ministry of the Environment defends local master plans

The Ministry does not believe that the plans do not recognise the difficulties they cause for forestry. However, decision-making should […]

The world leaves its traces in Finnish forests

The best texts sent to the Forest Traces writing competition showed that the rest of the world is entering not […]

EU wants to restore 15 percent of degraded ecosystems

The exact meaning of ‘degraded’ or ‘restoring’ is as yet unclear. ‘Ecosystems’ mean forests and croplands as well as built-up […]

Forest sector campaign to visit schools thought up by school kids themselves

Forest professionals will visit over 300 schools this autumn to present the sector and their work. The campaign is based […]

Mire protection programme also affects forests

This past summer, terrain inventorying has been carried out to complement mire protection programmes. The draft programme will be finalised […]

Land use planning significantly restricts forestry

In Finland all restrictions to forestry are not included in statistics. In particular, land use planning may increase areas of […]

PEFC is tool number one in forest biodiversity conservation in Finland

Revision of the standard on the PEFC forest certification system in Finland is an option for PEFC itself, as well […]

Class 7C of Mäntynummi school rounded off the year with forest excursion

The Karnainen forest rang with happy young voices when the class arrived at a lean-to for the night. Observing nature […]

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