Dissolving pulp is the basis of new forest production

Since last summer, Stora Enso has been producing dissolving pulp at its Uimaharju plant, and has had no problems with […]

Lorries weighing up to 90 tons arriving on Finnish roads

The maximum weights of lorries will soon be increased to 76 tons in Finland. 90-ton lorries would require a different […]

Orienteering competition leaves traces in National Park

Orienteers protected nature as well as they could during Jukolan Viesti, but the orienteering relay event still left its traces […]

Young people in forest sector believe in its future

Young people who have chosen to study or work in the forest sector feel significantly more positive about the sector […]

ABC book with forest attitudes that puzzle forest folk

You can get a really negative idea about felling trees from a Finnish ABC book called Pikkumetsän aapinen. That is […]

A certification auditor checks documents and felling sites alike

Monitoring compliance with certification criteria means field trips and deskwork. Compliance with criteria in effect since beginning of 2011 is […]

One night – more than twenty bears

There are plenty of bears in the wilderness of Martinselkonen in eastern Finland. Thus, also people to see them. Few […]

You can teach anything using forests

A unique project at the University of Eastern Finland in the city of Savonlinna aims at making forests an integral […]

Demand for forests will increase sharply in the future

Protecting forests will save them, but using forests sustainably can save the world, was the message at the Finnish opening […]

Nature management has succeeded in Finnish forests

A new evaluation of endangered species by environmental authorities shows that the measures taken to safeguard forest nature values have […]

Variety of people and professions in forest sector surprised summer helps

Three teenagers make videos to present the forest sector professions and people as their summer job, for use in the […]

More and more decayed wood in Finnish forests

The amount of decayed wood in Finnish forests has increased rapidly in 2000s, and will, partially due to more environmental […]

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