Role of forests in climate change: New initiative to combat climate change to be announced at EU Forest Academy – presented by Minister Leppä, November 21

This week, the first Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers will be organized jointly by Finland and Sweden. Finnish Minister […]

Winner of New Wood competition is a see-through wrapping material replacing fossil raw material with coniferous pulp

Arranged for the third time, the New Wood competition looked for new products made of wood fibre. The winner was […]

Forest debate: Greenpeace does not demand total ban on clearcutting – which is just one of the 15 logging methods in Finnish state forests

The Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus chooses the logging method on the basis of what is planned for each forest […]

Forest debate: Forests are important for climate change – but reducing fossil emissions is still key

”Amidst its current hardships, the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia is probably quite pleased that all of us here are […]

Continuous-cover silviculture benefits neither forest ecosystems nor climate

Even with continuous-cover silviculture, forest nature requires management if you want to safeguard biodiversity. Nor is there any difference between […]

Inquiry: Finns would replace plastics by using more wood – forest sector is considered a responsible actor

90 percent of Finns consider the forest sector to act at least fairly responsibly. According to an opinion poll published […]

Timber stock continues to grow – overdue forestry operations are decreasing

According to the latest estimate, the annual growth of Finnish forests is 107 million cubic metres. The amount harvested is […]

Environmental anxiety could become an epidemic – but treatments exist, for both the concern and the environment

Anxiety caused by environmental problems is increasingly widespread. There are, however, remedies available for the anxiety, and the best of […]

Area of productive forest land under strict protection has grown fivefold since early 1980s in Finland – almost all structural features describing forest biodiversity have improved significantly

In particular, the area of protected old forest has clearly increased, as have the average volume of trees, the share […]

Recycling paper is sustainable economy – but without new wood fibre from forests it would end quickly

A single wood fibre can be recycled even up to ten times. However, with the present recycling rate and process […]

Finns appreciate forest industry – share of environmental critics only 25 percent

People in Finland value forest industry because of the export and tax revenues that it brings. According to Finns, forest […]

CERES develops high-value products from forest biomass – forest sector’s share of GNP would double and climate would benefit, too

Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are studying forest biomass to develop novel products which could double […]

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