Finns appreciate forest industry – share of environmental critics only 25 percent

People in Finland value forest industry because of the export and tax revenues that it brings. According to Finns, forest […]

CERES develops high-value products from forest biomass – forest sector’s share of GNP would double and climate would benefit, too

Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are studying forest biomass to develop novel products which could double […]

Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers builds dialogue on forests between EU institutions

Finland and Sweden have started a joint initiative consisting of two consecutive events for EU decision makers: the first one […]

Setting challenging targets for forest carbon sinks in western Europe would move the reductions in loggings elsewhere – European forest industry would have to re-think its future

If the increase of forest loggings in western Europe was to be limited in order to reach more ambitious target […]

Ireland eyeing Finnish forest bioeconomy

Andrew Doyle, the Irish Minister of Food, Forestry & Horticulture, believes in sustainable forestry in battling climate change. Doyle visited […]

German study: fast growth creates smaller carbon storage in trees – true, but not significant according to Finnish researchers

When the growth of a tree accelerates, its density starts to decrease. Professor Matti Kärkkäinen says the phenomenon has been […]

Finland has a problem with too few forest fires – to promote biodiversity, burned-down areas should be protected

While other countries grapple with destructive and deadly forest fires, the problem in Finland is the opposite. From nature’s point […]

New ways to prevent root rot – a diseased forest can only be treated by clearcutting

Swedish researchers have identified a gene that slows down the growth of root rot in spruce. In Finland the discovery […]

Freestyle forest management challenges wrangles over logging methods – why not manage forest stands in the way that makes best sense?

Forest researcher Timo Pukkala would actually prefer not to use the terms continuous-cover or periodical when speaking about silviculture. “If […]

Clearcutting produces more timber – straightforward comparison of the profitability of forestry methods is not possible

Switching over to continuous-cover silviculture means that many forestry innovations, such as the selective breeding of seeds and seedlings, cannot […]

Marc Palahí of the European Forest Institute: The EU needs ambitious, strategic approach to forest policy

Marc Palahí, Director of the European Forest Institute EFI, considers lack of understanding a great challenge for a strategic discussion […]

New Wood competition searches for wood-based solutions to mankind’s questions again

The third New Wood competition was launched on the 6th June in a seminar in Helsinki, Finland. Entries for the […]

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