Forest industry is the top user of mobile technology in Finland

Nearly 70 percent of forest industry companies use one or more solutions of wireless information technology, which is the top […]

The Jukola relay belongs to the noblesse of forest sports

The Jukola Relay Orienteering Competition takes place at night, and what a long night it is. But it is impossible […]

Efficacy of biodiversity maintenance supported by research

A study on threatened biotopes in Finland has found biodiversity in all commercial forests regardless of their age. This shows […]

Continuous-cover silviculture creates significant losses

According to Swedish research, continuous-cover silviculture with selective cutting may lead to losses up to EUR 7,500 per hectare for […]

”Researchers’ petition did not concentrate on what is essential”

Finnish Forest Research Institute asked for standpoints also from those who signed the petition. They had their effect on the […]