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Inoculation helps threatened species – polypores are saved by enough decaying wood in forest

Decaying wood is important for endangered species. The amount of decaying wood in Finnish forest is increasing, but this does […]

New harvesting guideline for when birds are nesting – damage is sad but calculated to be just a thousandth of all nests

Birds’ nests can be effectively protected from damage caused by logging by carrying out harvesting operations in less lush forests […]

Local authorities lead the field in wood construction – chiefly because of indoor air problems

Promoting wood construction is included in the strategies of more than half of Finnish local authorities. Yet they only appear […]

Decaying wood in Finnish forests increases rapidly – biodiversity and harvesting can be harmonized

The amount of decaying wood in Finnish forests is able to increase to 20 cubic metres per hectare by 2065, […]

Five applications that use open forest data – over three million downloads of geographic forest data maps within a year

The Finnish open forest data system, launched in March 2018, has become enormously popular. Anyone can view data on forest […]

Kirsi Joensuu is the new Managing Director of the Finnish Forest Association

The newly appointed Managing Director of the Finnish Forest Association Kirsi Joensuu is known for promoting innovative wood construction. She […]

Lowering harvesting limits would be a signal and a shock for forest industry: do not invest

If Finland decided to lower the harvesting levels allowed, the forest industry would draw certain conclusions, says Professor Petri Parvinen. […]

Forest use helps to mitigate climate change – exactly how depends on circumstances

Canadian forest researcher Werner Kurz says that decreasing fossil emissions is essential in climate change mitigation, also as regards carbon […]

State forests generate more and more revenue – yet logging volumes have remained below plan

The income of the Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus has increased so much that its profit target for this year […]

Share of endangered species of forest species remains the same – tens of species have benefited from forest nature management

Forest nature management efforts have not been in vain, as is shown by a fresh assessment of endangered species in […]

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