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Work to decrease threats towards forest habitat types is well-established – but needs to be intensified

Three quarters of the forest habitat types in Finland have been classified as endangered. The main cause of this is […]

For Finns, a cultivated spruce is the most beautiful Christmas tree – in the US, 80 percent of Christmas trees are made of plastics

In addition to traditions and beauty, environmental values play an increasingly prominent role when choosing the Christmas tree. As regards […]

Harvesters may explode the volume of data from forests

New technology and big data open up new opportunities for forest harvesting entrepreneurs, allowing them to provide services for a […]

First Lady celebrated Finland’s independence in wood-fibre gown – closely followed by the whole nation

The celebration of Finland’s Independence Day on 6 December culminates with a reception given by the President of the Republic […]

Research report: Climate Smart Forestry could reduce EU’s climate emissions by 20%

By Climate Smart Forestry the researchers mean reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, enhancing forest resilience to climate change and increasing […]

Elks love young seedlings – Nature management helps both game and hunters

In Finland, tens of thousands of elks are hunted every autumn. It is not uncommon for a Finnish hunter to […]

Human rights for nature?

Whilst the basic rights of many people are still waiting to be recognized, a next step seems to expand the […]

EU Vice President Jyrki Katainen stresses the importance of bioeconomy and circular economy at the Forest Academy opening ceremony

Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President of the European Commission for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, brought the Commission’s greetings to the Forest […]

EU Commission requests Finland to organize a bioeconomy conference next summer

The Commission of the European Union requests Finland to organize an extensive bioeconomy conference during Finland’s EU presidency in the […]

Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä Proposes an EU-Africa Forest Fund – Major New Initiative to battle Climate Change in Africa and globally now under consideration

Finland proposed a major new initiative to fight climate change with forestation through EU-Africa Partnership. The initiative was presented today by […]

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