Consumer products from fibre composite

Genelec M030- and M040 models enclosure of the monitor are injection molded UPM ForMi. Photo: Genelec

UPM ForMi is a composite, half of which is wood fibre. Products from UPM ForMi can be manufactured using an injection moulding process. Because of this, it is possible to produce versatile consumer products from the composite, such as dish brushes and loudspeakers for example. UPM ForMi is approved to be used in toys and foodstuffs packaging by the European Union.

The cover of a KeepLoop microscope, designed to be connected to a mobile phone, is manufactured from UPM ForMi. This makes it feel softer and warmer than plastics, which is due to the wood fibre included in the composite.

The high end loudspeaker cases of Genelec are produced from UPM ForMi as well. The acoustic characteristics of the material are better than with the traditional ones. The case is sufficiently strong and its carbon footprint is small.