Decaying wood in Finnish forests increases rapidly – biodiversity and harvesting can be harmonized

The amount of decaying wood in Finnish forests is able to increase to 20 cubic metres per hectare by 2065, […]

Finland’s national forest strategy highlights climate-sustainable forestry – EU plans yet another set of criteria for sustainable forestry

The brand-new update of Finland’s national forest strategy up to 2025 introduces new goals, including climate-sustainable forestry; new, wood-based products […]

Point of view: Finnish political parties play climate bingo with years – party programmes contain unexpected standpoints on forestry issues

In their programmes, Finnish political parties take a positive stand on promoting forest bioeconomy. Political debate may bring clarity to […]

Work to decrease threats towards forest habitat types is well-established – but needs to be intensified

Three quarters of the forest habitat types in Finland have been classified as endangered. The main cause of this is […]

Inquiry: Finns would replace plastics by using more wood – forest sector is considered a responsible actor

90 percent of Finns consider the forest sector to act at least fairly responsibly. According to an opinion poll published […]

Area of productive forest land under strict protection has grown fivefold since early 1980s in Finland – almost all structural features describing forest biodiversity have improved significantly

In particular, the area of protected old forest has clearly increased, as have the average volume of trees, the share […]

Finland has a problem with too few forest fires – to promote biodiversity, burned-down areas should be protected

While other countries grapple with destructive and deadly forest fires, the problem in Finland is the opposite. From nature’s point […]

Ecology does not need to prevent clearcutting

There is no reason to label clearcutting as poor ecology, even though continuous-cover silviculture could be increased in Finland. ” […]

Point of view: Price of ecological decisions should be transparent to forest owner

While good and useful, the report published last week by WWF Finland on responsible forestry does not fulfil its promise, […]

Protection of forest gene reserves requires active forest management

Harvesting is being planned in the gene reserve forest of Natural Resources Institute Finland in Lapinjärvi, southern Finland. Small-scale clearcutting […]

Effects of changes in forestry and protection on nature in Finland will be clarified

The Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish Environment Institute have launched a research project to clarify, how the changes […]

Protection target of biodiversity convention is exceeded in Finland – exact figures are being calculated

The biodiversity convention, known initially as the Nagoya convention, requires the participating countries to protect a minimum of 17 percent […]

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