Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers 2018 on video: sharing insights on the possibilities of forests

The first Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers took place in November 2018. The event, targeted at decision makers in […]

Research report: Climate Smart Forestry could reduce EU’s climate emissions by 20%

By Climate Smart Forestry the researchers mean reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, enhancing forest resilience to climate change and increasing […]

EU Vice President Jyrki Katainen stresses the importance of bioeconomy and circular economy at the Forest Academy opening ceremony

Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President of the European Commission for Jobs, Growth, Investment and Competitiveness, brought the Commission’s greetings to the Forest […]

Winner of New Wood competition is a see-through wrapping material replacing fossil raw material with coniferous pulp

Arranged for the third time, the New Wood competition looked for new products made of wood fibre. The winner was […]

Setting challenging targets for forest carbon sinks in western Europe would move the reductions in loggings elsewhere – European forest industry would have to re-think its future

If the increase of forest loggings in western Europe was to be limited in order to reach more ambitious target […]

Ireland eyeing Finnish forest bioeconomy

Andrew Doyle, the Irish Minister of Food, Forestry & Horticulture, believes in sustainable forestry in battling climate change. Doyle visited […]

New Wood competition searches for wood-based solutions to mankind’s questions again

The third New Wood competition was launched on the 6th June in a seminar in Helsinki, Finland. Entries for the […]

Astonishing spectrum of new forest products includes both high tech and solutions to everyday problems

New forest bioeconomy products are launched at a great rate. Quite a number of them are also good examples of […]

Finns’ relationship to forests is studied for the first time – findings also attract interest abroad

High expectations are placed on the new research study: some expect support to their own conceptions, while others hope for […]

Wood U Make It Happen? – Finnish forest industry launches an innovation contest for students

In connection with the centennial celebrations of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation, university students get to participate in an innovation […]

A group of scientist: forest bioeconomy criticism has too narrow perspective

”Considering market realities, sustainable forest management requirements and existing regulations around bioenergy, we do not expect to see a paradigm […]

Value of Finland’s forests has soared, contrary to that of forest industry – solution lies in new products instead of “pulp chauvinism”

The share of bioeconomy of the value added created by Finnish economy has remained stable since 2011, despite a decrease […]

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