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Lowering harvesting limits would be a signal and a shock for forest industry: do not invest

If Finland decided to lower the harvesting levels allowed, the forest industry would draw certain conclusions, says Professor Petri Parvinen. […]

Forest use helps to mitigate climate change – exactly how depends on circumstances

Canadian forest researcher Werner Kurz says that decreasing fossil emissions is essential in climate change mitigation, also as regards carbon […]

Point of view: Finnish political parties play climate bingo with years – party programmes contain unexpected standpoints on forestry issues

In their programmes, Finnish political parties take a positive stand on promoting forest bioeconomy. Political debate may bring clarity to […]

Point of view: From stovepipes to sustainability

To reach sustainability, we should consider what kind of world we actually want. Policies that are designed to control progress […]

Research report: Climate Smart Forestry could reduce EU’s climate emissions by 20%

By Climate Smart Forestry the researchers mean reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, enhancing forest resilience to climate change and increasing […]

Forest debate: Forests are important for climate change – but reducing fossil emissions is still key

”Amidst its current hardships, the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia is probably quite pleased that all of us here are […]

Timber stock continues to grow – overdue forestry operations are decreasing

According to the latest estimate, the annual growth of Finnish forests is 107 million cubic metres. The amount harvested is […]

Setting challenging targets for forest carbon sinks in western Europe would move the reductions in loggings elsewhere – European forest industry would have to re-think its future

If the increase of forest loggings in western Europe was to be limited in order to reach more ambitious target […]

Professor Pekka Kauppi: Forest use must be examined over a long period

During the confusing and populistic LULUCF debate in 2017, conceptions used to argue for restrictions of forest use were not […]

A group of scientist: forest bioeconomy criticism has too narrow perspective

”Considering market realities, sustainable forest management requirements and existing regulations around bioenergy, we do not expect to see a paradigm […]

100,000 hectares of new forest land in Finland

Due to the damages caused by stroms for power lines, electricity companies are moving the lines underneath or along roadsides. […]

Point of view: Goals of Paris climate agreement are reachable – but only if emissions decrease and sinks increase

If forest growth continued at today’s rate, it would take 23 years to increase the timber stock in Finnish forests […]

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