Inoculation helps threatened species – polypores are saved by enough decaying wood in forest

Decaying wood is important for endangered species. The amount of decaying wood in Finnish forest is increasing, but this does […]

Share of endangered species of forest species remains the same – tens of species have benefited from forest nature management

Forest nature management efforts have not been in vain, as is shown by a fresh assessment of endangered species in […]

Work to decrease threats towards forest habitat types is well-established – but needs to be intensified

Three quarters of the forest habitat types in Finland have been classified as endangered. The main cause of this is […]

Endangered forest species fare better than others – some indicators suggest situation may even be improving

“Changes in the endangeredness index of forests show that the extensive measures to improve forest biodiversity in connection with forestry […]

Point of view: Finnish forest will stand the course

”By now I have explained several times over the problem with the ecological sustainability of Finnish forests,” said Mr. Jussi […]

Forest species less endangered than before

According to a new survey, the endangeredness of mammals found in Finland has decreased, while that of birds has increased. […]