New harvesting guideline for when birds are nesting – damage is sad but calculated to be just a thousandth of all nests

Birds’ nests can be effectively protected from damage caused by logging by carrying out harvesting operations in less lush forests […]

Forest debate: Forests are important for climate change – but reducing fossil emissions is still key

”Amidst its current hardships, the Royal Court of Saudi Arabia is probably quite pleased that all of us here are […]

Timber stock continues to grow – overdue forestry operations are decreasing

According to the latest estimate, the annual growth of Finnish forests is 107 million cubic metres. The amount harvested is […]

Setting challenging targets for forest carbon sinks in western Europe would move the reductions in loggings elsewhere – European forest industry would have to re-think its future

If the increase of forest loggings in western Europe was to be limited in order to reach more ambitious target […]

Area of regeneration fellings has decreased for a long time in Finland

As forest bioeconomy increases, fears have been expressed that the area of clearcut forests increases significantly as well. In reality, […]

Believe it or not – ten amazing facts about mechanized timber harvesting

There are many beliefs concerning mechanized timber harvesting – and many of them are negative. In reality, however, things are […]

Climate policy risk: logging restrictions

The target of the Paris Climate Change Conference in December is to reach a global convention on climate policy. The […]

Private forestry roads can get funding just for short sections

Family forest owners may apply for a renovation subsidy for their forestry roads. What is not generally known is that […]