Natural Resources Institute Finland

Decaying wood in Finnish forests increases rapidly – biodiversity and harvesting can be harmonized

The amount of decaying wood in Finnish forests is able to increase to 20 cubic metres per hectare by 2065, […]

Area of multiple-use forest decreases in Finland – harvesting allowed on ever smaller share of forests

Of the productive and poorly productive forests in Finland only three quarters are not subject to any restrictions of use. […]

More than four out of five Finnish trees are the result of natural regeneration

The results of the 11th National Forest Inventory are now at hand. This was the first time that the Natural […]

New study reveals: 12 percent of Finnish forests are protected

Even in southern Finland the protection percentage is high, 4.8. New research by the Natural Resources Institute Finland also lists […]

New research report – increased loggings do not endanger Finland’s forest carbon sink

According to a new report by the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the carbon sink in Finnish forests will be sustained […]

Forest research is feared to disappear into new natural resources research centre

Professor, Mr. Risto Seppälä proposes a new council for forest research, which would comprise all forest research institutions in Finland. […]