wood construction

Local authorities lead the field in wood construction – chiefly because of indoor air problems

Promoting wood construction is included in the strategies of more than half of Finnish local authorities. Yet they only appear […]

Point of view: From stovepipes to sustainability

To reach sustainability, we should consider what kind of world we actually want. Policies that are designed to control progress […]

Inquiry: Finns would replace plastics by using more wood – forest sector is considered a responsible actor

90 percent of Finns consider the forest sector to act at least fairly responsibly. According to an opinion poll published […]

Urbanization demands creative solutions – use of wood allows cities to grow vertically

At least one in every four multi-storey buildings in the cities of Western countries are sturdy enough to bear additional […]

Customer orientation to boost wood construction

Wooden structures and even skyscrapers are spreading all over the world and Finland, too, wants to be involved in the […]

Co-operation to produce innovations in the northern forest

The tiny town of Kuhmo finds itself at the core of Finland’s national bioeconomy strategy. New, eco-friendly ways to upgrade […]

How to build eco-friendly and local: A showpiece from Eastern Finland

A new school centre constructed in Kuhmo is the first one in Finland to be built from CLT and a […]

Log buildings for public use encourage private builders

Large public construction projects using logs are likely to increase the interest of family house builders in using massive timber. […]

Testing wood and concrete – which one wins in an apartment block?

In Helsinki, similar wooden and concrete buildings are being constructed next to each other. The aim of the construction project […]

Support to create business models for wood product industries

The University of Vaasa is setting up a project to develop the wood construction business. One of the bodies providing […]