Forest education

Finnish Forest Association cooperates with schools and teachers in primary education. The goal of the cooperation is to ensure that everyone living in Finland has a basic understanding and skills about forests and related livelihoods, culture and conservation.

We organise courses for teachers about forests and their use; the subjects range from forestry practises to forestry’s combatibility with reindeer herding, multiple use of forests and new products. We also produce and publish teaching materials for schools. All our materials aimed at schools follow the Finnish curricula.We organise also forest trips and visits for school children in cooperation with our partners. The annual Forest Quiz has been organized for over 30 years.

Forest Association is also active in networks related to forest education both in Europe and globally. More about this in the organizations’ on web pages: Forest Pedagogics and LEAF.

Four of the association’s employees work with forest education – please feel free to contact us!