Everyman’s rights

Drawing: Vilma Issakainen

Everyone in Finland have the right to explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities – we call it everyman’s rights. The landowner can’t restrict any activities that are allowed according to Everyman’s rights. Of course none of these activities should cause any harm to landowners or the environment.

Answer 10 questions and find out what type of everyman you are.

According to everyman’s rights…

…you may:
  • walk, ski or cycle in areas that are not taken into special use by the landowner (for example private gardens and agricultural fields
  • stay for a short period in areas where access is otherwise allowed
  • pick wild berries, mushrooms and flowers
  • fish with a rod and line (including ice-fishing)
  • row a boat
  • walk on a frozen lake or sea
…you may not:
  • disturb other people or damage the environment
  • move around in private gardens, plantations or cultivated fields
  • cut down or damage trees
  • collect moss, lichen, soil or wood
  • disturb the privacy of homes
  • make an open fire on someone else’s land
  • drive a motor vehicle off the road without the landowner’s permission
  • fish and hunt without the appropriate lisences
  • litter
Reference: Rautiainen, A. (edit). Jokamiehenoikeudet ja toimiminen toisen alueella. Lainsäädäntöä ja hyviä käytäntöjä. Suomen ympäristö 30/2012.
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