Keynote speakers

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Counsellor of Education at the Finnish National Agency for Education


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Marjaana Manninen, Counsellor of Education, works like expert and senior advisor at the Finnish National Agency for Education.

FNAE is a national development agency responsible for the development of pre-primary, basic, general upper secondary, vocational upper secondary and adult education. FNAE is subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Culture and its tasks and organization are set in the legislation.

Marjaana Manninen´s main duties consist of the developing processes of curriculum based subject-teaching, Home Economics and Crafts. She is also responsible for the developing processes of curriculum based sustainable development, consumer education and school meals of basic education schools in Finland. She has a long background in education having worked as a teacher at comprehensive and upper secondary schools and as the Head of Education prior to the position at the FNBE.

Marjaana Manninen has been a speaker at various national conventions and international meetings. She has been a member of different national education networks, connections and programs.


PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Eastern Finland, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies


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Nina Tokola (PhD) is Postdoctoral Researcher in environmental policy at the University of Eastern Finland. Nina´s main research interests are related to young people´s capabilities and participation in creating sustainable well-being, in the era of green economy transition. Currently, she works in a SRC-funded research project called: ALL-YOUTH want to rule their world.


Head principal of Pudasjärvi Log Campus


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Mikko Lumme, head principal of Hirsikampus (Log Campus) with teaching experience since 1998 at  elementary school, senior high school and IB-high school, administrative experience since 2007 from two elementary school and high school and head of education services. Worked as principal and teacher trainer for in-service training courses in Finland and abroad.

The main hobbies are related to the forest, as spending time with different forest activities @totovaara (old loggers camp in Lapland) including photographing.


Associate professor (docent) in psychology, Örebro University, Sweden


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Maria Ojala is associate professor (docent) in psychology. She has a position as senior lecturer in psychology at Örebro University. Maria’s main research interest concerns how young people think, feel, act, learn, and communicate about global environmental problem, with a specific focus on climate change.