Photo Tiina Salonpää, Pudasjärvi 4H

The congress starts from Oulu and ends in Oulu. We pick you up from Oulu airport or city center by bus.  The  bus  leaves from Oulu to the hotel Pikku-Syöte on Tuesday 2 October  about at 2:30 pm. Transportation back to Oulu is on Friday 5 October  arriving Oulu at 11 am  at the latest.  Please book the accommodation at hotel Pikku-Syöte for the congress time 2-5 October. On Wednesday there is a day trip from the hotel Pikku-Syöte to Pudasjärvi Log Campus.

It is also possible to take a train from Helsinki to Oulu besides flying. A night train is a good option especially if you book a sleeping cabin. The train leaves from Helsinki on Monday evening and arrives in Oulu next morning. There is a local train connection from Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions dealing with travelling.

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Changes in the programme are possible. In case of any questions about the programme, please contact Finnish Forest Association,

Date Time Occasion
October  11:30 am-2 pm Visiting Stora Enso Oulu Mill

Excursion is for those who arrive already on Monday or early Tuesday morning. The bus to the excursion will leave from the centre of Oulu and also drive via airport if necessary.

2:30 pm Buses leave from Oulu (Main Bus station/train station/airport ) to Syöte

On the way short walk and berry picking on an open bog.

4:30 pm Visiting Syöte National Park’s Visitor Centre: Opening ceremony and exhibition

Welcome to Pudasjärvi and Northern Ostrobothnia
– Pauli HarjuRegion Mayor 

Buses continue to Youth and leisure centre / hotel Pikku-Syöte
7:30 pm Dinner, Ice Breaking at hotel Pikku-Syöte, Dirk Schmechel, Member of FCN Subgroup Forest Pedagogics
3 October 7 am Breakfast at hotel Pikku-Syöte
8:00 am Buses leave for a day trip to Pudasjärvi Log Campus
9:00 am Programme at the Log Campus

Keynote speeches, moderator Sirpa Kärkkäinen, Senior Specialist, Forest Pedagogics, Finnish Forest Association

Participatory learning environment with open doors for collaboration
Marjaana Manninen, Counsellor of Education, Finnish National Agency for Education

The new Finnish National core Curriculum places  an emphasis on pupils participation. It also encourages teachers to use learning environments outside the classroom and collaborate with the surrounding society.  Phenomenon based learning and different subjects combining multidisciplinary modules are new approaches in learning.  What are the benefits of this reform and how it is implemented in practice.

Creative learning environment at Log Campus
Mikko Lumme, Principal, Log Campus

Arctic possibilities for participatory learning and multidisciplinary learning modules as seen part of the Curriculum and School practices

Read more about the keynote speakers.

10:30 am “Market of Activities” 

Each participant can choose beforehand tree activities. Also the pupils (6-12-years old) will participate the activities with their teachers.  Signing up to the activities is beforehand, same time with the workshop registration, September 3-12.

12 am Lunch
1 pm Workshops at the Log Campus 

The pupils from the upper secondary school will participate to the workshops together with the congress participants.

3 pm Buses leave back to Youth and leisure centre / hotel Pikku-Syöte
4:30 pm Coffee break by the fire at the hotel Pikku-Syöte

  • Local handicraft and souvenir shop is open, organizers Taivalkoski and Pudasjärvi 4H organisations
7 pm Dinner party with live music at the hotel Pikku-Syöte, the band Night Run
4 October 8 am Breakfast

  • Tree logging Virtual Reality experience open all day
  • Local handicraft and souvenir shop is open all day, organizers Taivalkoski and Pudasjärvi 4H organisations
9 am Keynote speeches, moderator Tomi Alakoski, CEO, Finnish 4H Federation
Emotional aspects in forest-related education for sustainable development: Young people’s emotions, coping strategies and engagement Maria Ojala, senior lecturer in psychology, Örebro UniversityYoung people are one important stakeholder group to include in societal efforts to fight different sustainability problems related to the forest. The focus in this presentation will be on the importance of taking account of emotional aspects in forest-related education for sustainable development. Communicating with young people for instance about threats toward biodiversity and climate change can evoke negative emotions. Young people handle these emotions in different ways and these coping strategies influence the learning process. Ojala will present research about coping strategies and how they relate to engagement, well-being and communication patterns with teachers and parents. She will also discuss suggestions how to include this knowledge in educational efforts and how to take advantage of the positive emotions that being out in the forest and being included in collaborative approaches can bring about.

Youth, participation, and forests: ALL-YOUTH rooting living knowledge

– Nina Tokola, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Eastern Finland, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, All Youth Want To Rule Their World Research ProjectThe ALL-YOUTH-research project strives to articulate the current possibilities of youth, coming from various backgrounds, for participation in planning and decision-making concerning their future and environment. The research strategies and methods, as well as preliminary observations and findings of the research project will be introduced. The participatory action research approach and the role of the youth and the project partners as change-makers will be highlighted. New models for study path mentoring and career mentoring will be discussed. Also, the wider societal contexts will be described for example, the awakening of the forest-based sector in foresighting and in inclusion of young peoples´ capabilities in the future planning.Read more about the keynote speakers.

10:30 am Workshops
12 am Lunch
1 pm Workshops
3 pm Workshops
5 pm Saunas are open / Subgroup meeting / Optional activities (extra cost)
7 pm Dinner, Conclusions
9 pm Night orienteering, Antti Härkönen, Forest management association Pudasjärvi

Campfire songs

5 October 7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Buses leave to Oulu
11 am at the Oulu airport/ bus station

Please note that deadline for proposals was 15th June

A workshop proposal

A proposal for the “Market of Activities”