The Optional Activities

On 4 October it is possible to have some optional activities at 5pm-6.30pm at the Youth and Leisure Centre Pikku-Syöte. There is an extra cost for participating these activities. The fee will be payed same time with the accommodation. The activity will be arranged only if there is minimum number of participants (number mentioned after each activity).

Mountain Biking (min. 4 max 10 person) Price: 15€

The Syöte area is also an ideal place to do mountain biking. There are over 70 kilometers of marked mountain bike routes. At the beginning of a biking trip the basic techniques of mountain biking and the basic features of the bikes are revised. There are routes to suit the condition and fitness of every biker. Ascending even the steepest hills will bring a smile on your face once you see the grandeur of the surrounding arctic hills from atop.


Disc Golf (min. 5 max 20 person) Price: 10€

Learn the techniques of disc golf at either the Pikku-Syöte or the Nature Center courses. Pikku-Syöte has two 9 basket Disc Golf courses. Disc golf is a popular and cheap hobby. Disc golf can be played on one’s own time or it can be arranged as a guided activity. With a guide the right throw techniques and the use of different discs are practiced and the rules of the game are learned. Disc golf is a fun pastime!


Indoor Wall Climbing (min. 4 max 10 person) Price: 13€

Wall climbing trains strength, flexibility and courage. Wall climbing has evolved from rock climbing. The indoor wall at Pikku-Syöte is 7 meters high and is suitable for climbers from 5 years of age upwards. There are three levels from easy to difficult. The instructors are professionals trained by the Finnish Climbing association.