The workshop registration is open online until 12 September 2018. If you have already registered for the congress, please check your email (also junk mail folder). You have got an automatic email with the link to your workshop registration.If you haven’t received the email, contact

The workshops will take place at two locations:

A) 3 October at the Pudasjärvi Log Campus (workshops are for the congress participants and pupils from upper secondary school). See the descriptions below.

B) 4 October at the youth and leisure centre Pikku-Syöte (only for congress participants). See the workshop descriptions and timeschedule of Pikku-Syöte workshops on the other page.


A) Workshops at the Log Campus on 3 October

It is possible to choose one workshop.

Title of the workshop and description
Location Organiser Name
1. Gamify forest using games and game creation tools
Gamify forest using games and game creation tools Participants use tools to create digital content that affects to real world. Participants takes photos and some material outside. Participants then connect those elements in game creation tool using sensors, motors and connectors. Participants create content in mixed groups. Depending on group and their imagination skills they will be able to create interesting ending between digital game and real world.
indoors Lapland UAS / Finnish 4H Federation Petri Hannula
2. Get to know the Log Campus and Finnish school system indoors City of Pudasjärvi/Log Campus Mikko Lumme
3. Identification and importance of forest species
The workshop is a multidimensional learning path of forest species.
outdoors City of Pudasjärvi/Log Campus Antti Jaako
4. Let’s Experience and Create a New Inspiration Card !    “108 things we can do with STICKS”
I have made a play card called “Inspiration Card” . The each card has a simple drawing of things we can play with “Sticks” in the forest. The card has no instruction, just a simple drawing! So it doesn’t matter the age or nationality. You can understand the meaning of the drawing in your way and create your own play too. The purpose of this card is to introduce how fun and easy playing in the forest especially for teachers who think playing in the forest is difficult or hard to prepare. I would like change them into “Yes! Let’s do this in the forest right now ! ” . Also this card is aiming for expanding the creativity of all the adults around children. In this workshop, first, I would like participants to play with sticks by using this Inspiration Card in the forest. After that I would like to create a new Inspiration Card with everyone by adding more ideas. This could be a interesting idea swapping time with people from different countries and different back grounds.
outdoors Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture Yusaku  “Nava” Hagiwara
5. My dreams and forest paths*
The subjects of the workshop are mentoring and future job opportunities in the forest sector. The objectives are: -to offer the pupils an opportunity to think and reflect upon their personal dreams, and study and career plans, -to discuss how the pupils see the role of forests in sustainable development, -to find out how the pupils see job opportunities at the forest sector and on which fora they have learned about forest- and bioeconomy- related careers, -to discuss what kind of capabilities, talents and knowledge might be relevant and needed in the future forest sector jobs, and -to discuss pupils´potential needs for mentoring /brainstorming novel ways of mentoring. The pupils will reflect upon their personal interests and knowledge about the role and future of forests, as well as their own roles as influential and participating citizens. We will work together in the context of societal transformation towards biosociety, emphasizing the importance of peoples´engagement in decisions concerning their environment and well-being.
indoors University of Eastern Finland, ALL-YOUTH project Nina Tokola
6. Nearby forest-case – How to make better future together with responsive planning and creative co-operation
Natural resource planning is long-term planning of the sustainable use of state-owned land and water areas. Metsähallitus, a state forest organization in Finland, is a leading operator in this planning method. Planning is an innovative process and it is done together with stakeholders. In this workshop participants can practice methods of creative co-operation in natural resource planning and solve the challenge of the imagined Nearby forest -case. Planning method is suitable for all kind of cases concerning the use of natural resources. With little variation it is also suitable for participants of different ages. Methods of listening, innovating and discussing together so that every participant can have the feeling to be listened and valued are important in every planning process. Introduction and expectations (activity) Presentation of the challenge to be solved together (speech and slides) Orientation to the theme (game) Working in teams (discussion and activity) Solution reached together (presentations, discussion) After workshop the participants will have an idea how to lead a responsive and collaborative planning process. They also will have some functional tools how to promote and support innovative atmosphere and participation during planning. (Read more about Natural resource Planning in Metsähallitus)
indoors Metsähallitus Tuulikki Halla
7. Visiting Kontio Log House Factory (an excursion)
The aim for this visit is to show how finnish log house industry use local material in sustainable way. Also we learn lot of wood processing in northern circumstances.
excursion to the factory Kontio Tapio Anttonen

*The workshop is only for pupils from upper secondary school. Congress participants are welcome to follow the session, but not to join the activities which will be held in Finnish. An introduction will be given in English when needed.