Forest Quiz instructions to the teachers

The Forest Quiz is a nationwide competition for lower secondary school pupils, and it will be organized for the 40th time in 2021. The Forest Quiz has been organized continuously since 1982 and over a million Finns have participated in it over the years. The Forest Quiz is organized by The Finnish Forest Association, The Finnish Association of Biology and Geography Teachers BMOL and forest sector.

The pupils can participate in the Forest Quiz in Finnish (Metsävisa), in Swedish (Skogsnöten) or in English in 2021.

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The organisers of the Forest Quiz

Important dates

  • Please register your pupils to the quiz by 17th January 2021. All pupils from 7th to 9th grades, smaller teams or individual pupils are welcome to participate.
  • The Forest Quiz is organized in schools on 10th February 2021
  • The teachers should inform The Finnish Forest Association of the winning pupil in their school not later than 5 March 2021.
  • Summer job lottery is at the end of March 2021
  • The Forest Quiz final is in Helsinki on 20th-21st May 2021
  • The two-week summer jobs will take place at the beginning of June if something else is not agreed

Competition forms and rewards are delivered by mail

Teachers will receive a postal package that contains the competition forms, exemplary answers and the rewards at least a week in advance of the Forest Quiz day. Participating in the Forest Quiz is cost-free to the schools.

The postal package must be retrieved from a post office if the school doesn’t have a contract with Posti to deliver it straight to the school. The teacher will receive a notification from Posti via mail, text message or email. Anyone with the shipment ID can retrieve the package from the post office if the teacher himself/herself can’t. You can also ask the shipment ID from The Finnish Forest Association.

If the postal package is not delivered to the school by 30th January or Posti has not send a notification, please contact The Finnish Forest Association. NB! Posti stores the packages only for 7 days.

Organizing Forest Quiz in schools

Teachers will organize the Forest Quiz to the registered pupils on the Forest Quiz day 10th February 2021. If the Forest Quiz can’t be organized on that day for some reason, it must be organized only after 10th February 2021.

Teachers can score the competition forms in different ways. Teachers can check all the forms themselves or the students can revise each other’s forms. Exemplary answers are normative and can be bended or relaxed but only if the students from the same school are all scored in the same way. If two students share the same score, the teacher will decide which question to emphasize. Only one form per school can be sent to The Finnish Forest Association.

Informing The Finnish Forest Association about the school’s winner

The teacher will return the contact information and the form of the school’s best pupil in Forest Quiz via an electronic form by 5th March 2021. The link to the electronic form will be found on the Forest Quiz front page after the Forest Quiz day. Among the contact information of the school’s best pupil, the competition form of the best pupil must be loaded as an appendix to the electronic form. The form should be loaded as a scanned pdf-file or several files or as a picture or several pictures. The answers of the pupil must be readable on the file or files. Poor quality pictures taken with old mobile phones are not good enough for this purpose.

If it is not possible to scan the competition form, the competition form can also be sent as traditional mail to the following address: Finnish Forest Association, Henna Nummela, Salomonkatu 17 A, 00100 Helsinki.

If the school’s winner already knows that he/she can’t or doesn’t want to participate in the final in May, the teacher can then send the second-best pupil’s form and contact information to The Finnish Forest Association.

The scoring of the competition forms is checked by The Finnish Forest Association and the invitations to the final are send to the 50 best school winners.


  • The winner of the school is rewarded with a wooden cup (kuksa) and a diploma. The prices will arrive in the same parcel as the competition forms. The teacher can give the prices in class, at the end of the school year or at any other appropriate time. It is also possible to invite a familiar forestry professional to give the prices.
  • The 50 best school winners and their teachers will be invited to a two-day final in Helsinki.
  • The three best (highest scoring) pupils of the final will be rewarded with 500, 300, 200 euros respectively, and the others in the top ten will be rewarded with 100 euros each.
  • Ten schools win the sum of 300 euros each, to offset the transport cost of a forest excursion
  • Well succeeded pupils can win a two-week summer job in their hometown. There are approximately 15 summer jobs around Finland in forest management associations, The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) and in The Finnish Forest Association.
  • As a thank you for participating in the Forest Quiz, the financiers of Forest Quiz will donate 1200 euros to the forest projects of a development cooperation organisation (Food and Forest Development Finland) on behalf of all the participants.


Students can practice to the Forest Quiz with the competition forms from the previous years. The old forms can be found on the Forest Quiz front page.

The Forest Quiz Final

The 50 best school winners will be invited to a two-day final in Helsinki on 20th-21st May 2021. The invitations to the final will be posted at the end of March or in the beginning of April. If someone of these 50 best school winners is not able to participate, the next in line will be invited.

The pupils must be accompanied by someone in the final. The preferred companion is the pupil’s teacher. The final program will be planned to be updating education for the biology and geography teachers. If the pupil’s teacher is unable to participate, some other teacher from the school may participate.

The program, meals and accommodation of the final are free for the pupil and the companion. The travelling expenses of the pupil and the teacher will be compensated. However, if the pupil’s teacher is unable to participate and the pupil’s parent is participating, the travelling expenses of the parent will not be compensated.

The pupils compete in the Forest Quiz final in the forest with mobile devices and the final takes approximately two hours. The participants of the final will get instructions on the loading of Metsävisa-application in advance and they can also practice the use of the application in advance. It is also possible to use a paper form in the competition or change from the application to the paper form during the competition.

Success in the Forest Quiz may mean publicity. Local media/papers may be interested to interview the school winners and especially the ones who participate in the nationwide final. It is desired that the pupil and his / her parents give permission to photograph and permission to publish pictures as part of the communication of the Forest Quiz.

If Covid-19 is preventing travelling the final will be organized online as it was organized in 2020.

Summer jobs

The school winners may participate in a lottery for summer jobs. If the school winner doesn’t want to participate, the teacher may sign up another motivated student to the lottery. Students will mark on the competition form if they want to participate in the summer job lottery or not.

There will be almost 15 summer jobs in forest management associations around Finland but also in The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) and The Finnish Forest Association in Helsinki. The duration of the summer job period is mainly two weeks. The two-week summer jobs will take place at the beginning of June if something else is not agreed by the pupil and the employer. The winners of the summer job lottery will be informed personally during April.