International Forest Communications

The Finnish Forest Association’s international communication implements the goals of the National Forest Strategy. The project supports Finland’s international forest policy and influences EU and global forest policy through means of communication in international cooperation.

International forest communication strengthens the role of forests, sustainable forestry and forest-based bioeconomy’s role in achieving the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 goals.

Cooperation projects in international communication influence the future and strengthen Finland’s position as an international leader, through strong international cooperation and networks, which increases effectiveness.

In cooperation with communication experts from renowned partners, Finnish Forest Association is able to participate in key projects and working groups to directly and concretely influence the work.

Finland’s forest industry depends on the appreciation of forest use in the world. Maintaining and increasing appreciation requires active and targeted communication with international organizations, decision makers and influencers. At the same time, it is important to follow the global discussion and influence it through credible cooperation. Finnish Forest Association is an internationally respected operator.

Maailman metsäkongressin lava ja yleisöä
The XV World Forestry Congress held in Seoul in 2022.

One of the outcomes of the XV World Forestry Congress held in Seoul in 2022 was that the congress encouraged the full potential of legally and sustainably produced wood to be used to transform the construction industry, provide renewable energy and new innovative materials, and move towards a circular and bioeconomy and climate neutrality.

It is important to increase the awareness of decision-makers and the general public about sustainable wood products and their value chains in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change and to replace carbon-intensive products. The regional forest communication networks continue to support the UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO in this work.

Forest Communicators network

Kai Lintunen, Head of International Communication at the Finnish Forest Association, is the leader of the FAO-UNECE Forest Communicators Network (FCN). Requests for communication cooperation with the FCN network have increased extensively both from the forest sector and outside it. The projects influence the future and strengthen Finland’s position as an international leader through strong international cooperation and networks, which increases effectiveness.

The goal of the communication cooperation is to increase awareness and understanding of how the sustainable use of forests and wood play a significant role in building a sustainable world.

International media visits

The intensification of the international forest and environmental debate globally and in Europe has increased interest in Finland’s forests. Finnish Forest Association plans and implements international stakeholder and media visits to Finland in cooperation with partners to increase the understanding of these stakeholders.

International video collaboration

The FAO-UNECE Forest Communicators Network produces content e.g. to news media followed by EU decision-makers and the main media of the EU member states.

Wooden construction, climate and Finnish innovations play major roles in the Finnish Forest Association’s international video collaboration.

Forests and their sustainable use produce solutions to society’s challenges. Telling about it in a credible and extensive cooperation that extends beyond the forest sector is more important than ever. Finnish Forest Association works actively in international communication cooperation. These videos were produced as part of the cooperation.

International Day of Forests 2023: Healthy Forests for Healthy People

International Day of Forests 2022 – Forests and sustainable production and consumption

For example, the International Day of Forests 2022 reached approx. 2 billion households globally (Euronews, Deutsche Welle, France24, Africa News etc.). It was produced in 11 languages. It received 2.1 million views on social media in its first year.

Wisa Woodsat -satelliitti

See also

These recent videos promoting the use of wood are spreading rapidly around the world. Finnish Forest Association participated in producing these.

Sustainable Wood: Climate-friendly cities was shown at the COP 27 climate meeting in Egypt.

Finland – innovations in the main role in the Sustainable Wood: Building the future video. Finnish Forest Association produced it in cooperation with FAO.

Sustainable Wood: Housing a growing population was shown to hundreds of decision-makers at the FAO Committee on Forestry general meeting

• In the video supporting the prestigious UN State of the World’s Forests publication, Finland is cited as a positive northern example of sustainable forest use. The video announcement spread to news agencies and TV channels all over the world in the UN’s global distribution. Finnish Forest association produced the Finnish part together with FAO.

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