Finnish Forest Association

Open and interactive communication between the forest sector and other spheres of society.

Finnish Forest Assoctiation is cooperation body for its members and stakeholders and in operates in communications. Forest Association supports the promotion of forest interests, brings forth topical possibilities forest can have in developing the society, strengthens the sustainable and responsible use of forests using communications and anticipates the effect changes at home and abroad can have on Finnish forest sector.

Forest Association is active and anticipatory in public discussions about the forest sector.

Our values: Consistency. Perseverance. Moderation. Truthfulness.

To support is activities Forest Association gathers, refines and publishes information. This information is published in various ways; one of them is the news servive maintained by the association. Our vision is that the sustainable use of forests and the significance of the forest sector as sustainable development sector is understood and widely approved in the society.


Actual forest communication the association carries out at home and abroad with forest sector, decision makers in other sectors in the society and with journalists, for example. Our strategic areas of focus are sounding out international and domestic operational environment, Forest Academy for Decision-Makers, cooperation with schools and teachers, and contacts with the media.

The focus in our communications abroad are in Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and in the areas fiorest sector is growing in South America and Southeast Asia.

Forest Academy for Decision-Makers is a forest forum for decision-makers in all spheres of Finnish society, both in the forest sector and outside it, for politicians, authorities, business actors, the media, NGOs and ENGOs. Cooperation with schools and teachers aims to ensure that everyone living in Finland has the basic understanding and skills concerning forest-related livelihoods, forest culture as well as forest nature and its protection. Metsäviestintä Ltd. which is owned by the Finnish Forest Associations, organizes National Forest Days annually.

The work Finnish Forest Association carries out are funded by applications which are always related to specific projects or activitites. In addition, Finnish Forest Association gets funds from membership fees, they cover about 10-15 percent of annual turnover. The most significant financiers of the association are the Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry and the Finnish Forest Foundation.


The Finnish Forest Assocition was established in 1877. After Metsähallitus, it is the second oldest still functioning forest organization in Finland. The stimulus for establishing the association was the fact that Finnish forest were considered to be in poor condition.

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Finnish forests were considered to be in poor condition during 1800’s and there was widespread shortage of forests. This photo was taken some time in the 1940’s when the situation was better, but the need for timber was great due to the WWII. Photo: Finnish Forest Association archives.

Followin and furthering all forest issues became too much for the small associatin. Thus Finnish Forest Association on the other hand narrowed its own sphere of influence and on the other hand was active in establishing other forest organizations such as trade and labor organizations, organizations aimed at furthering private forestry, Finnish Forest Research Institute and lastly in 1990’s, the national museum and science centre Lusto.

The Finnish Forest Association has not had individuals as members since 1941 after which all actual members have been various kinds of organizations. During the 1900’s, associations most important activities concerned joined communication for the whole forest sector and joined training and celebartion events for forest professionals.

Finnish Forest Association has organized national Forest Week since 1925; the event has been known 2003 onwards as Forest Days. Finnish Forest Association’s international activities started in 1946 when the Nordic Forest Union was established. The Finnish Forest Association’s current modus operandi took shape mainly during the 1990’s.