The Finnish Forest Association is an expert organization within forest communication and a cooperation organization with an impact. We possess comprehensive know-how in forest communication, and it is our passion to convert ideas into benefits for the entire forest sector.

We provide information on the potential of forests in the development of society. For us, the sustainable use of forests encompasses timber production, recreation, nature management, protection and innovation. It also includes bioeconomy and circular economy, and it generates sustainable products and services.

We are known for many activities. The Forest Academy for Decision Makers has by now had over a thousand participants. More than a million Finns have taken part in the Forest Quiz. Every autumn, the National Forest Days event gathers together hundreds of forest-sector experts to discuss and learn about topical issues in the field.

For the past three years, the Forest Finland project has provided information on and insights into the sustainable use of forests. The campaigns during the project have helped people become aware of and discuss the ways in which forests affect every aspect of life in Finland.

Our online magazine, in Finnish and English, finds readers all over the world. As regards international communication, we are active on several global fora, in the FAO’s communication projects and as leader of the Forest Communicators’ Network.

Our membership includes almost 50 forest sector actors: NGOs and businesses, as well as professional and leisure organizations. Our sponsors include, among others, the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Finnish Forest Foundation and the Metsämiesten Säätiö foundation.

Our office in the centre of Helsinki comprises about a dozen forest communication specialists. When you want to inform us or talk about something related to forests and their pluralistic use in Finland or elsewhere, feel free to contact us.

We know our stuff, for the Finnish Forest Association has been building the future of the forest sector through communication, interaction and cooperation during three centuries, starting in 1877.

We work in three strong teams

As regards communication to young people, our specialists know how to interest teachers or first-graders in a trip to the forest, or a young person in studies in the forest sector.

A second team specializes in communication to influential members of society. Twice a year they invite people from different walks of society to discuss forest issues in the Forest Academy for Decision Makers.

Our experienced forest communication specialists keep track of what is happening in the sector in Finland and other parts of the world. They report on topical issues through the online magazine and social media, among other channels.