Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers 2018 on video: sharing insights on the possibilities of forests

The first Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers took place in November 2018. The event, targeted at decision makers in the EU institutions, focused on how forests can contribute to the development of a sustainable circular bioeconomy. Our videos present the fantastic atmosphere of the Forest Academy and share participant’s take away messages from the event.

The programme presented the entire forest sector value chain from sustainable wood sourcing and forest management to production. Participants saw and experienced various examples of how wood fibre is used for innovative new products and services for such purposes as packaging, textiles, chemicals, design and energy. The event took participants to forests and to visit production sites in Lahti region, in Southern Finland.

Forest Academy offered possibilities to build dialogue and share insights with other key decision-makers in EU institutions

Building dialogue on forest-based solutions offers possibilities to address global challenges. Sharing insights is an important part of the Forest Academy concept.

What are the participant’s take away messages from Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers 2018? Watch interviews with MEP Paul Brannen, Director of Head Capital Markets Departments Eila Kreivi from EIB and Secretary General Barna Kovacs from the BIOEAST Initiative.

Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers is a joint venture between Finland and Sweden, funded by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and the Finnish Forest Foundation.

Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers is based on the Forest Academy communication tool produced by the Finnish Forest Association. It is a non-governmental, non-profit cooperation and communication body joining all major forest-related interests. In Finland, the communication program has been running successfully since 1996.

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