Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers 2023: Shaping an in-depth understanding of Nordic forests and forest sector

The third Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers, jointly organized by Sweden and Finland in Finland next September, continues the facilitation of dialogue on topical forest issues between key decision-makers in the EU and forestry stakeholders.

Forests are an invaluable renewable resource that provides a lifeline for a sustainable society. This is especially true for the Nordic countries, such as Finland and Sweden, where forests have for centuries played a pivotal role in driving green growth and societal wellbeing.

Embracing sustainable forest management, the multiple use of forests and responsible, top-notch production technologies, the Nordic countries showcase their commitment to sustainable development stewardship and inspire others to follow suit. What is more, the Nordic forests are open to everyone and promote the health and wellbeing of the population through the concept of the Nordic freedom to roam.

The Forest Academy is a discussion forum focusing on the role of forests and the forest value chain in the development of a sustainable, circular bioeconomy. In September 2023, the third Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers will bring together a distinguished group of individuals to explore the Nordic forests and forest sector.

“Finland and Sweden have taken up the challenge of finding solutions to global problems by leveraging their forest resources for economic, social, and environmental benefits. Building on this experience, the Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers acts as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and solution shaping, paving the way for a more sustainable future where forests are seen as part of the overall solution for our global challenges,” says Eveliina Pokela, Director of the Forest Academy for Decision Makers.

The event takes the participants to southern and central Finland, with excursions to the next-generation bioproduct mill of the Metsä Group in Äänekoski, to forest sites and to interesting examples of wood architecture. The in-depth discussions, site visits and interaction with top experts during the event will offer the participants an invaluable insight to topics such as forest monitoring, nature restoration, and the utilization of wood throughout the value chain.

The event also explores the innovative solutions, research-based approaches, and novel ideas within the forest sector that can promote sustainability and resilience throughout the European economy and provide solutions to the European Green Deal. The programme aims to equip participants with knowledge and inspiration to actively contribute to the adoption of sustainable forestry practices and to policy-making processes.

“In the Forest Academy team, we are committed to creating an exciting programme, with high-profile speakers who will address current policy issues on both national and the EU levels. Attendees can expect to engage in thought-provoking discussions and gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities surrounding forestry within the European context,” Pokela says.

The Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers 2023 is a joint venture between Finland and Sweden. It is financed by the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Finnish Forest Foundation, the Metsämiesten Säätiö Foundation and Kollin Säätiö foundation. The arrangements are handled by the Finnish Forest Association, in collaboration with a steering group consisting of relevant stakeholders. The Forest Academy communication tool used for the event has been produced by the Finnish Forest Association. The association is a non-governmental, non-profit cooperation and communication body serving all major forest-related interests. In Finland, the Forest Academy communication programme has been running successfully since 1996. Read more about the event on our website:

Participation in the Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers is by invitation only.

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