Design oriented pedagogy

Design oriented pedagogy (also known as Case Forest Pedagogy) is a motivating and inspiring learning-method, which lays focus on children’s own questions. It encourages teachers to open the class-room door and explore the world outside. The method was developed in the School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education in Finland as a part of a EU-project Case Forest – pedagogics towards sustainable development (2009-2010). The teacher tutorials (see below) include theory-part and step by step instructions on how to use the method.

“Powerful learning environments should therefore be seen as a kind of extended school environment. In addition to traditional classrooms, they should include authentic activities that are situated outside the school environment, as well as technological tools that can function as a bridge between school and the environments external to it. From the perspective of learning design, the challenge is how to construct broadly based learning interventions that encourage students to perceive interesting objects of learning, to ask questions (theoretical as well as practical), and also to create and share the knowledge needed for finding answers to these questions.”