Finland’s national forest strategy highlights climate-sustainable forestry – EU plans yet another set of criteria for sustainable forestry

The brand-new update of Finland’s national forest strategy up to 2025 introduces new goals, including climate-sustainable forestry; new, wood-based products […]

Wood is an increasingly common solution to the problems with plastics – forest industry also focused on design in 2018 asked the three biggest Finnish forest industry companies what the year 2018 brought along. The common denominators of last […]

Area of productive forest land under strict protection has grown fivefold since early 1980s in Finland – almost all structural features describing forest biodiversity have improved significantly

In particular, the area of protected old forest has clearly increased, as have the average volume of trees, the share […]

Three out of four Finns accept planned increase of harvests – excessive fellings are supported most in the capital region

Finns consider that forestry in Finland is sustainable, as was revealed by an opinion poll commissioned by the newspaper Maaseudun […]

From forest to kitchen: the surprising number of certificates for wood

The origin of the product, traceability and environmental values are important for consumers when it comes to food. Similarly, products […]

Customer orientation to boost wood construction

Wooden structures and even skyscrapers are spreading all over the world and Finland, too, wants to be involved in the […]

A Story for Christmas: Adventures of the Seven Carbon Brothers

The sustainable use of the vast northern forests has an enormous and positive role in the fight against climate change. […]

Co-operation to produce innovations in the northern forest

The tiny town of Kuhmo finds itself at the core of Finland’s national bioeconomy strategy. New, eco-friendly ways to upgrade […]

How to build eco-friendly and local: A showpiece from Eastern Finland

A new school centre constructed in Kuhmo is the first one in Finland to be built from CLT and a […]

Point of view: Forest certification ensures confusion instead of sustainability

Isn’t it high time to reveal the truth about the emperor’s clothes, in order that consumers could make their choices […]