The Forest Academy for Decision Makers

The Forest Academy – a unique approach to increasing dialogue around forests in society.

1. Contact us!

Are you interested in establishing the Forest Academy communications programme in your country or region? Great! Your first step is to contact us and we will arrange a free 30 minute consultation to explain the concept and provide information on the licence and our services.

2. Purchasing the Licence

The licence grants you the rights to use the programme and the intellectual property rights related to it (within your own country or region). It includes the methodology and tools for implementing the Forest Academy forums (manual, materials, document templates, etc.). We will tailor the licence to your needs but the typical cost is around €50,000 – €60,000. Find our more about the programme here.

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3. Core Team visit to a Forest Academy forum in Finland

Establishing your own Forest Academy communication programme involves visiting us in Finland and attending one of our Forest Academy forums as an observer. You will be escorted by a personal host so that you can see and understand the impact that the Forest Academy has.

4. Core Team Workshop in Finland

We will organise a workshop tailored to you and your needs at our offices in Helsinki. Here you will be immersed in the Forest Academy Manual. We will go through all the stages of establishing the Forest Academy communication programme. You will understand all the core processes and learn about the human and technical resources you need.

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5. Engaging key stakeholders in your country

Getting the right partners and stakeholders is key to successfully implementing an effective Forest Academy. Here you will start the process of seeking partners and forming your Advisory Group who will assist you in establishing the Forest Academy. If you require a more hands-on approach, we can provide support and training for you and your stake-holders in the early stages of this process.

6. Establishing your own Forest Academy forums

Once you have all the people and resources in position you will be ready to proceed with your Forest Academy communication programme. During the first cycle, we can provide assistance and advice according to your requirements. For a separate fee, we can attend your first forum in a supportive role. With your reporting we can track your progress and assess how we can support you more.

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7. Event management and consultancy services

Do your staff or your customers need training in forestry or forest communication? We offer tailored forest days and training that you can purchase separately.

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