Forest Academy – a way to increase dialogue on forests in society

Forest Academy is a communication programme to increase social capital. Forest Academy forums bring together a mix of decision makers and opinion leaders from the forest sector and the rest of society.

Forest Academy aims at

  • Providing versatile and multiple-valued information on forests and their role in society
  • Increasing the participants’ interest towards forest issues
  • strengthening their abilities to understand and utilize the multiple potential related to forests
  • increasing interaction and building networks between leaders and opinion makers from various sectors

The Forest Academy forums consist of seminar sessions, educational working methods and visits to production facilities and forest sites. Follow-up seminars and excursions are arranged for those who have attended a Forest Academy forum.

A key factor for the forest sector’s future success is its ability to operate in a cross-sectoral spirit

The economic utilization of natural resources requires acceptance in society. The Forest Academy communication program can be an efficient tool for producing input for decision making on strategic issues and for policy process preparation.

A format that meets different national conditions and topics

The Forest Academy communication programme can be customized to meet different national conditions and topics. The programme format is called ”Forest Academy – Programme for Increasing Dialogue on Forest in Society”.

The programme has already been implemented in Latvia, Tanzania (UONGOZI Institute), Costa Rica (CATIE) and Mozambique (E. Mondlane University).

Forest Academy for Decision-Makers: 23 years of experience in building social capital

How to get your own Forest Academy?