nature management

Elks love young seedlings – Nature management helps both game and hunters

In Finland, tens of thousands of elks are hunted every autumn. It is not uncommon for a Finnish hunter to […]

Area of productive forest land under strict protection has grown fivefold since early 1980s in Finland – almost all structural features describing forest biodiversity have improved significantly

In particular, the area of protected old forest has clearly increased, as have the average volume of trees, the share […]

Nature values were well taken into consideration in the majority of loggings

According to a nature management evaluation carried out by the Finnish Forest Centre, the quality of the management was good […]

Effects of changes in forestry and protection on nature in Finland will be clarified

The Natural Resources Institute Finland and the Finnish Environment Institute have launched a research project to clarify, how the changes […]

Researchers: Harvesting can be increased sustainably – if nature management is not forgotten

According to researchers, the nature management needed includes increasing decayed wood by leaving retention trees and other methods, controlled burning […]

Management by fire increases forest biodiversity

When you smell smoke in a Finnish forest, it is fortunately not always a forest fire, but a controlled burning […]

Forest sector is developing tools for nature management – Protection of endangered species as model in Multi-Forest project

Nature management is part of everyday forestry work. Now, the Multi-Forest project aims at consolidating the use of tried and […]

Quality of nature maintenance remains high despite slight decrease in level

The quality of nature maintenance was evaluated as ’good’ or better in four out of five regeneration fellings or other […]

Lightness of sparse forest is sought on forest pastures

An old cultural landscape had been reclaimed by forest. Well thought-out fellings and grazing help bring back the openness and […]