How to participate?

The Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers brings together decision-makers from various EU institutions, especially the European Parliament and the European Commission, as well as representatives from research and development, business and NGOs, plus stakeholders with links to forests and bioeconomy. The event is invitational.

EU Forest Academy forest visit, June 2022. Photo ElinaAntila.

Comments from participants:

“Forest Academy has been a perfect exchange of views.”
“I had the possibility to meet with people from organisations I wouldn’t normally meet.”
“It is important that we are meeting and trying to understand each other.”
“Let’s continue the dialogue, involve as many stakeholders as possible.”

Five reasons why you should not miss it:

  1. You will be sharing your insights and connecting with other key decision makers from EU institutions
  2. You will hear from leading experts who discuss topical, global themes
  3. We will explore how global challenges are being met with hands-on, innovative solutions
  4. You will enjoy an exclusive, custom-made programme with revealing and informative site visits
  5. You will be encouraged to have your say in shaping the future!