Metsä ja Puu [Forest and timber] 2012

Metsä ja puu opinion poll was carried out by independent research company Taloustutkimus for the Finnish Forest Association. The goal of the poll was to clarify Finns’ attitudes towards forestry and forest industry as well as to find what Finns know about forest ownership, forest protection and the share of forest industry products in export income. The previous similar opinion poll was conducted in May-June 2009. Prior to that, the poll has been carried out ten times since 1993, always with similar questions.

This most recent Metsä ja puu -poll was arranged as 1,004 face-to-face interviews representing Finns between the ages of 15 and 79 years. The margin of error due to statistical reasons is at most 3.2 percent in either direction.

The interviews were carried out in March 2012.

Below, we present the questions, the range of answers as well as short description of the answers. The picture next to the text functions as a link to the replies in PDF format.

Besides the Finns’ answers in the poll, we give the correct information where it is relevant. The source for this information is the Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2011, unless otherwise stated.

Metsä ja puu opinion poll was financed by Finnish Forest Foundation.

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