continuous-cover silviculture

Forest debate: Greenpeace does not demand total ban on clearcutting – which is just one of the 15 logging methods in Finnish state forests

The Finnish state forest company Metsähallitus chooses the logging method on the basis of what is planned for each forest […]

Continuous-cover silviculture benefits neither forest ecosystems nor climate

Even with continuous-cover silviculture, forest nature requires management if you want to safeguard biodiversity. Nor is there any difference between […]

Freestyle forest management challenges wrangles over logging methods – why not manage forest stands in the way that makes best sense?

Forest researcher Timo Pukkala would actually prefer not to use the terms continuous-cover or periodical when speaking about silviculture. “If […]

Clearcutting produces more timber – straightforward comparison of the profitability of forestry methods is not possible

Switching over to continuous-cover silviculture means that many forestry innovations, such as the selective breeding of seeds and seedlings, cannot […]

Continuous-cover silviculture produces top quality pine – profitability requires more study

The quality of the best Scots pine butt logs from continuous-cover forests is so high that market demand for it […]

Ecology does not need to prevent clearcutting

There is no reason to label clearcutting as poor ecology, even though continuous-cover silviculture could be increased in Finland. ” […]

How to make your forest attractive to game

Leaving thickets and clumps of blueberries in the forest could attract grouse and other game animals. “Game-Friendly Forestry” became profitable […]

Varying results from continuous-cover silviculture

Natural seedlings began to grow relatively well on a small-diameter logging area in northern Finland, according to a study by […]

”Continuous-cover silviculture suits self-reliant forest owner”

Heikki Kaitila carries on the continuous-cover silviculture started in the family forest by his father. He thinks the method rewards […]

Continuous-cover silviculture creates significant losses

According to Swedish research, continuous-cover silviculture with selective cutting may lead to losses up to EUR 7,500 per hectare for […]